A message from Happy&co’s founder, Katie: 

She is very experienced and knowledgeable. She keeps her lessons effective, engaging and fun. My son is able to stay focused.
— Parent

Hello and welcome to Happy&co!

I am determined that the most important thing children should be is happy along with creative, resilient, athletic, determined, sensitive and many more things. I am about creating well rounded individuals and not children that can simply pass tests.

Our schools provide free education to all children and are full of experienced and passionate teachers. But nothing is perfect and schools are stretched to the limit. I am not here to discuss politics; I am only interested in how this effects our children.

All children are different: different personalities, interests, backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses and according the the Department for Education in 2017, just over 1.2 million children in schools have special educational needs which can include, dyslexia, autism, ADHD and anxiety. It is easy to understand then why many children feel lost and misunderstood within a large class environment.

In certain areas of the UK, up to 40% of children have a tutor in addition to their normal schooling and recent predictions show that up to 60,000 children have been taken out of school altogether and home educated.

As a child with a moderate learning disability and mental health concerns, as a teacher and as a tutor, I understand the desire to find something different. You want your child to be happy and to be appreciated for who they are; you feel the classroom environment doesn’t suit them or bring the best out of them. Do you not know how to help them? Are there arguments every time you try and help them with their homework? YouTube and books from Amazon are the only thing you can find to help you? Let me help.

When I work with families, I take the time to learn about the child I am working with to make sure the work and help I provide is best suited to them; activities based on their interests in a way that they can access and enjoy. I can offer practical advice and solutions to problems you and your children are facing and we can work together to get the best out of them.


Based in Derby, I meet and work with students, their families and clients around the Derbyshire, nottinghamshire, staffordshire and leicestershire areas.

Live somewehere else? I offer help over the phone, email, video calling and I’m happy to travel in certain circumstances too!

Get in touch below or see our FAQ page and let’s see what we can Do.

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